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Isn't it time to upgrade your gaming experience? Light up your gaming setup with this wireless transparent RGB mouse! Sleek design, vibrant RGB lighting, and a lightweight feel provide performance and comfort for casual and pro gamers.

  • Adjustable DPI (max 6200)

  • 65 G Ultralight design

  • Quick Response time (1ms)

  • Huano Switches for crisp clicks

  • Software for custom settings

  • Flawless tracking performance



Stylish world-class wireless gaming mouse.


Pixart's premier sensor on the market 3335 with up to 16000 DPI, 400 IPS, and 40G acceleration.


Omron switches with a durability of over 20 million clicks.


46 hours battery life, interference-free USB receiver with 1 ms response time.


Customizable RGB lighting that turns off automatically when you move the mouse to save battery power.


USB-C charging with dual mode function that allows you to play with cable while charging. 


Stylish lightweight Gaming mouse in white design with a focus on ergonomics, design and performance.

The mouse is equipped with a fast sensor with a polling rate of 1000 Hz and up to 6400 DPI. Instead of a light show, the mouse is completely RGB free.

There is a discreet LED diode to distinguish which DPI setting is active.


Under the mouse, it is possible to switch off the LED if you still think it is visible too much. You can also directly on the mouse change the setting for Polling rate in 3 different modes. 



Wireless Gaming headset in white design with a focus on sound, comfort and battery.


It is equipped with 50mm large elements for a rich well-balanced sound and a large battery of 1100 mAh to last up to 17 hours on a single charge.


It connects with a low latency 2.4 GHz USB receiver for a hassle-free gaming experience.


Aluminum frame, adjustable headband and closed covers with a low weight provide ultimate comfort for longer gaming sessions.


Simple and flexible functions such as a detachable microphone, volume control and mute button for the microphone can be found directly on the headphone cover. 


Massive 57mm elements for that really intense and experience-rich game sound.


The headphone cushions are made of synthetic leather for a really good comfort even during the long gaming sessions.


The headset is connected to your computer via two 3.5mm connectors and a USB-A connector to power the light blue LED lighting located on the side of the covers.


On the left cover there is a slider to adjust the volume.


WK85R & WK85B

It's the perfect keyboard for those who love to LANA or who have a portable gaming corner or simply for those who want to maximize the desktop space.


For whatever reason, this keyboard will maximize your gaming space so you can have more space for mouse and mouse pad so the keyboard never becomes the obstacle to your mouse movements.


Detachable 1.8m USB-C cable for a flexible and portable keyboard.

Available with red or brown switches.

WK90R & WK90B

Stylish TKL keyboard in white design.


Low-profile design built in a stable construction with top plate in aluminum and RGB lighting.


Plug & Play without software with RGB settings directly on the keyboard.


Detachable 1.8m USB-C to USB-A cable for a flexible and portable keyboard.

Available with red or brown switches.



GAM-079-W (1).png

Gaming mouse pad with RGB lighting on the sides. The upper is made of comfortable fabric for a soft and precise movement with your mouse.


The RGB lighting is controlled with a simple button in the upper left corner that switches between the different lighting modes.


No software is needed, but the lighting is completely plug and play, the carpet is connected to your computer or a USB power source (5V 100mA at least) via the 1.5m included USB-A - Micro-B cable.


At the bottom of the mouse pad you will find natural rubber to keep the mouse pad securely in place.


Stylish Ergonomically designed Gaming chair in white design with built-in RGB lighting in the back and seat.


Up to 332 different LED positions that are controlled with the included RF control.


Connects via USB-A to powerbank or USB adapter. When using a powerbank, you can halve the power consumption by lowering the brightness one or two notches so that the battery discharges much more slowly.


The chair has a pocket in the back for hassle-free placement of the power bank.



Stylish Gaming table in white design.


Thin surface-treated MDF board with cable drawing holes and mug and headphone holder.


The table is dimensionally adapted to fit all types of gaming setups regardless of size.


Soft and down filed table edges for comfortable use for long periods.


Cable holder in white design.


Achieve the wireless and hassle-free feeling with our Mouse bungee.


No cable getting in the way or going down behind the desk.


With a metal weight on the inside and non-slip rubber feet on the underside, it stands firmly on the table.


Extendable arm for adjustable cable length.

Built-in weight for stable placement



Stylish screen mount for double screens in white design.


Proven aluminum and steel construction.


The bracket is compatible with screens from 17 "up to 32" and has a maximum weight of 8 KG per arm.


Built-in cable management to pull cables away in a nice and flexible way.


Compatible with VESA 75x75 and 100x100 mounts.


Stylish and simple storage solution for your headset.


Protect your favorite headset and prevent unnecessary wear.


The stand has Non-Slip pads in the base which makes it stand securely in place.


Mounted in just a few seconds, completely without tools.

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