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Miss no shots, abilities or runbys with our wireless pink ultralight gaming mouse with RGB. Enjoy up to 60 hours of playtime with RGB off or up to 25 hours with RGB on. Huanobrytarna lasts a long time regardless of whether you are a "spam clicker" or not.



The beautiful RGB loop around the mouse and our beautiful logo under the mesh can be fully customized with the downloadable software. This ultralight gaming mouse from our pink line PM75 gives you everything you need in a gaming mouse. Amazing RGB, ultra light weight and rubber coated side grips for that ultra control even in pressured situations. The 6 different DPI modes can be alternated via the top button while the button below helps with LED lighting.


PH85 is a headset from our pink lineup of gaming products, they come equipped with massive 57mm elements for that really immersive gaming sound. The headphone cushions are made of synthetic leather for really good comfort even during long gaming sessions.




When you want to combine a 65% compact mechanical keyboard with the clean look of keys without characters and RGB, this is the keyboard for you! Our PK95 wireless 65% keyboard can be connected to your computer via the included 2.4 GHz USB receiver, Bluetooth 5.0 or USB-C to USB-A cable. In this way, you can enjoy the keyboard both at home with your gaming setup and when you are travelling.


Take your gaming to the next level with this RGB illuminated anti-ghosting keyboard from DELTACO GAMING. We have equipped this keyboard with RGB lighting as a backlight for the keys but also for the side panels. The RGB lighting has 12 different modes that you control yourself using key commands.



Stylish Ergonomically designed Gaming chair in pink design with built-in RGB lighting in the back and seat.


Up to 332 different LED positions that are controlled with the included RF control.


Connects via USB-A to powerbank or USB adapter. When using a powerbank, you can halve the power consumption by lowering the brightness one or two notches so that the battery discharges much more slowly.


The chair has a pocket in the back for hassle-free placement of the power bank.


Stylish Gaming table in pink design.


Thin surface-treated MDF board with cable drawing holes and mug and headphone holder.


The table is dimensionally adapted to fit all types of gaming setups regardless of size.


Soft and down filed table edges for comfortable use for long periods.



Looking for a stylish and functional way to keep your headset organized and within reach? Look no further! Our headset holder is the perfect solution for anyone looking to upgrade their work or gaming setup.


Are you tired of your mouse cord getting tangled and, in the way, while you're gaming or working? Look no further than this bungee!

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