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Light up your gaming setup with this wireless fully transparent RGB mouse! Experience a super cool design with vibrant RGB lighting in combination with adjustable features with the included software.

  • Adjustable DPI (max 10 000) 

  • ≥ 20 million clicks lifespan

  • Quick Response time (1ms) 

  • Huano Switches for crisp clicks 

  • Software for custom settings 

  •  Flawless tracking performance

  • 1,8m braided cable

  • Package contents: Mouse and manual.

GAM-159 side_01.png
GAM-160-T top_01.png


A compact 65% mechanical keyboard, combined with a fully transparent design and vibrant RGB lighting, this keyboard takes your gaming experience to new heights. 

With N-Key rollover, KTT switches, hot-swappable functionality and downloadable software, you have the flexibility to customize your settings.

Elevate your gaming with the Wireless transparent Nintendo Switch Controller. With two macro buttons and two vibration motors, executing insane moves and feeling every hit has never been easier. This badass controller works with Switch, Switch OLED 7", PC, Android, and IOS. Plus, with wireless connectivity,  no cords will hold you back. Get your hands on it and start dominating your opponents like a legend!

01) RGB Transparent switch controller front image.png
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