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A4 DELTACO Gaming transparent line BG-01.jpg
GAM-160-T top_01.png

Full Transparency and vibrant RGB Lighting!​

A compact 65% mechanical keyboard, combined with a fully transparent design and vibrant RGB lighting, this keyboard takes your gaming experience to new heights. With N-Key rollover, KTT switches, hot-swappable functionality and downloadable software, you have the flexibility to customize your settings.​

A4 DELTACO Gaming transparent line BG-02.jpg

​Illuminated and colorful to the max​


The transparent design in combination with the illuminated effect created by the vibrant RGB lighting enhances visibility and transforms this keyboard into a visually striking device. Different lighting configurations can be assigned to specific keys or groups of keys. Additionally, this keyboard provides a unique feature that enables you to independently customize the lighting on both the keys and the sides of the keyboard using just a few simple keystrokes.​

Rotary knob​

The convenient rotary knob allows quick and easy volume adjustment without the need to search for volume buttons.


Hot-Swappable Switches​

Known for their tactile feedback and responsiveness, the content KTT linear switches provide a satisfying click and quick actuation for precise key presses. The keyboard also offers hot-swappable switches for easy customization.


Customize the keyboard using the provided software. Take full control of the RGB lighting with 16 million colors, create macros, save custom profiles, and switch between them as needed.

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