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Wireless transparent Nintendo Switch Controller, RGB

Wireless transparent Nintendo Switch Controller, RGB

SKU: 4222135

Elevate your gaming with the Wireless transparent Nintendo Switch Controller. With two macro buttons and two vibration motors, executing insane moves and feeling every hit has never been easier. This badass controller works with Switch, Switch OLED 7", PC, Android, and IOS. Plus, with wireless connectivity,  no cords will hold you back. Get your hands on it and start dominating your opponents like a legend!


Take your gaming experience to a whole new level with this wireless Nintendo switch controller! Featuring high-vibration feedback that provides a captivating physical response, this controller will immerse you in your game like never before. You can adjust the vibration level to suit your preferences, with options of 100, 70, 30, and 0%.


And the customizable LED lighting? It's like having your own personal light show. Whether you want your entire switch to light up or just your buttons, you can adjust the LED lighting to fit your vibe. The controller is also highly versatile and user-friendly, with precision controls that will make your enemies quake in their boots.


The high-precision 3D joystick gives you unparalleled control over your movements, while the adjustable turbo button allows you to perform repeated actions with just one press. 


• Compatible with several devices
• Playtime up to 17 hours
• High vibration feedback

• High-precision 3D joystick
• Adjustable RGB

• Turbo Button
• Macro buttons

• D-Pad

• Motion sensor

• Transparent case

• Bluetooth and USB-C connection

• 3.5mm Headset Jack

• 600 mAh LI-ion battery

• Compatible with Switch, PC, Android/IOS


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