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Streaming Kit, Microphone, Webcam, Ring Light with table mount

Streaming Kit, Microphone, Webcam, Ring Light with table mount

SKU: 4222179

Boost the production quality of your streams and create a more engaging and professional streaming experience for their viewers. This streaming kit  includes a microphone, webcam, ring light and an arm with shock mount and pop filter, providing improved audio quality, enhanced lighting, and higher-quality video.


Camera optimized for streaming
The included webcam offers higher video quality, capturing gameplay in high resolution for clearer details and enhanced visual appeal.


Enhance your appearance with adjustable lightning
Adjust color temperature and brightness on the ring light to improve on-camera presentation, engaging viewers with better lighting.


Level up the audio quality
The streaming kit's microphone delivers superior audio compared to built-in options, ensuring clear and high-quality sound. The shock mount and pop filter further enhance audio for a polished streaming experience.


Easy Setup and positioning 
The kit is designed for easy setup and positioning, allowing you to start streaming quickly.


Noise canceling microphone

Cardioid pickup pattern

Volume and mute button

Holder microphone 1/2"

Arm holder 3/8"

Webcam 1080p@30Hz

Adjustable brightness, 1200lm

Adjustable color temperature, cool, warm and natural

5 years warranty


Packaging content: Microphone, microphone arm, pop filter, shock mouth, webcam, ring light, table mouth, selfie remot control and manual.

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