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Stereo Vibrating Gaming Headset

Stereo Vibrating Gaming Headset

SKU: GAM-026

Improve your gaming experience with DELTACO GAMING's stereo headset. With great sound quality, comfort and lighter design, it makes the ideal choice for long periods of competitive gaming. With a built-in microphone with a sensitivity of -38B ± 3dB this headset allows greater sound quality and a higher frequency range which ensures your voice can be heard at the next gaming session.

Get a richer music and gaming experience with the next generation of immerse sound, featuring the new vibration techology that allows for deeper bass with less loss in the lower frequencies. Two USB powered vibration motors that amplify the lower frequencies help in producing a more powerful sound.

• Drivers: 50 mm
• Impendence: 20 Ω
• Microphone: -38B ± 3dB
• USB powered orange LEDs
• Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz
• Plug and Play, no drivers needed
• Stereo gaming vibrating headset with remote
• Folding microphone with adjustable rubber head

Cable length: 2,1 m
Weight: 350g

Package contents: Stereo Vibrating Gaming Headset


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