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Playstation 4/PC/Android/iOS Wwireless Bluetooth Controller, Black

Playstation 4/PC/Android/iOS Wwireless Bluetooth Controller, Black

SKU: GAM-139

Some games are just better played with a controller. This isn't only true for console games. Some games like even modern RPG games are often best experienced with a game controller rather than mouse and keyboard. 


This game controller is optimized for use with the PS4 but can also be used with your PC (Drivers are needed) smartphone and tablet. It comes equipped with 2 programmable macro buttons, 2 high-precision 3D joysticks, touchpad, motion sensor and vibration motors for that immersive gameplay.


• Compatible with several devices
• Playtime up to 10 hours
• High vibration feedback

• High-precision 3D joystick
• Motion Sensor

• Turbo Button
• Macro buttons




• 2xVibration motors

• Connection: Bluetooth 4.2, 3.5mm

• Charging cable: USB-A to USB-C (1 m)

• Charging time 2-3 hours

• Special buttons: Select / Share/ Touchpad/ Reset

• Recargable battery: 600mAh

• Compatibility: Playstation 4/PC/Android/iOS (Need to install open driver for PC)

• Package contents: GAM-103, 1m USB-A - USB-C cable and manual


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