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PCH90, RGB Gaming Chair, RGB/Blanc

PCH90, RGB Gaming Chair, RGB/Blanc

SKU: 4222249

Create gaming ambience with RGB illumination powered by a bank or USB. Immerse in 332 RGB modes. RGB Gaming Chair in artificial leather with ergonomic features reminiscent of a racing seat seen in rally cars! With a high back and extra cushions for neck and lumbar support, you can avoid back and neck issues after countless hours in this chair. Of course, the chair is adjustable in height, as are the armrests. The cushions for the back and neck can also be adjusted for the best fit.


Mesmerizing RGB Lighting
Step into a world of dazzling colors with 332 customizable RGB illumination modes. From immersive effects to pulsating patterns this chair turns your gaming space into a mesmerizing light show. Take control and set the mood with the touch of a button.


Versatile Power Options
Choose between connecting a powerbank (not included) or an external USB-A 5V 2A power adapter (not included). This flexibility ensures that your chair is ready to light up your gaming sessions anytime, anywhere.


Elevate Your Comfort
Designed with your comfort in mind, this gaming chair features raised and lowerable 2D armrests, allowing you to find the perfect arm position for long gaming sessions. The shape provides excellent lumbar and neck support, helping you maintain optimal posture throughout your gaming marathons also you can Adjust the chair's recline angle from 90 to 180 degrees, finding your perfect gaming position. It has 24-density foam that provides just the right amount of support.


Hydraulic Gas Valve
Seamlessly adjust the height of your chair with the precision hydraulic gas valve. Whether you're positioning yourself for intense gaming or taking a quick break, this feature guarantees a smooth and effortless transition to your preferred height.


Move freely with nylon wheels
Crafted with quality in mind, this chair boasts a sturdy 5-point wheelbase equipped with durable nylon wheels. These wheels ensure smooth gliding across various surfaces, allowing you to move freely without causing damage.

• 300+ RGB Modes
• Raise and lower armrests
• Adjustable hight
• Ergonomically designed
• Recline angle from 90 to 180 degrees
• Hydraulic gas valve
• 5-point wheelbase

• Nylon wheels

• Back and neck cushions
• Recommended maximum weight: 120 kg
• Recommended maximum length: 185 cm


Package contents: Wheelbase, wheels, seat and backrest, gas lift, screws, hex key, remote control and manual


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