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Optical Gaming Mouse with orange LEDs

Optical Gaming Mouse with orange LEDs

SKU: GAM-020

Let us present our more stylishly designed gaming mouse GAM-020. Imagine a transformer transforming itself to a gaming mouse, this was our idea when we designed it. The gaming mouse is surrounded by black and silver details with our DELTACO GAMING orange colour glowing through.

On the top of this gaming mouse you find your typical on the fly DPI switch, when pressed you alternate between the DPI levels, this is indicated by the flashing of the LED's, the LED's flashes differently depending on the DPI level set. After flashing the LEDs then return to their normal breathing pattern. Our GAM-020 optical gaming mouse has an ambidextrous design making it an ideal gaming mouse for both left handed and right handed gamers. The left and right mouse button also has a rubberized surface so you won't loose your grip during intensive gaming sessions.

• USB polling rate: 125Hz
• Sensor: Sunplus 180
• DPI levels: 1000/1600/2400/3200
• DPI the fly switch ovan
• Orange LED that "breathes" during usage
• Rubberized surface on left/right mouse button
• Ambidextrous design
• Bottom plate in metal
• 1,5m USB cable, USB 2.0
• 6 buttons + scroll wheel

Package contents: DELTACO GAMING GAM-020

Dimensions(WxDxH): 70x132x40mm
Weight without cable: 95g


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