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Mini Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Mini Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

SKU: GAM-075

DELTACO GAMING presents its smallest mechanical keyboard in the range. This keyboard comes with red RGB switches, Nordic ISO layout but with a 60% design ie only 62st keys. The space bar does not use a jumper, but is pressed completely straight regardless of whether you press in the middle or on the side of the key.


The tangent table has a total of 19 light modes (software settings not included). Most color locations can be changed with (FN +.). You can also change the speed or light intensity for the different modes. When a speed or intensity mode reaches the lowest / highest position, the keyboard responds by blinking the Caps Lock and Windows key.


The keyboard software can be found on the following page:


• Number of keys: 62
• Nordic ISO layout 60%
• Red RGB switches
• RGB with Software
• N-Key Rollover
• 45g ± 10g activation force
• Double Injection keycaps
• 1.5m USB micro-B - USB-A cable
• Lifetime of 50 million keystrokes
• Dimensions: 290x100x30mm-42mm
• Weight: Approx. 600 g

Packaging content: GAM-075, 1.5m USB-MicroB - USB-A cable and manual.

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