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Low-Profile Streaming Microphone arm with riser height extension adapter, Black

Low-Profile Streaming Microphone arm with riser height extension adapter, Black

SKU: 4222238

This low-profile microphone arm with riser height extension adapter (included) seamlessly fits into any setup. It offers flexible orientation options beyond the ordinary for various streaming needs and easy microphone positioning. Additionally, it is compatible with various microphones. It is easy to install, and you can choose between a secure C-clamp or grommet installation method. It supports a 2 kg weight capacity while providing convenient cable management.


This arm has a sturdy steel structure to ensure your microphone remains secure and vibration-free throughout your streaming sessions.  


Choose between forward or backward orientation to suit your setup perfectly. Whether you're streaming on Twitch, recording a podcast, or conducting a virtual meeting, you can effortlessly adjust the arm to meet your needs.


It also supports both 3/8” and 5/8” screw threads, making it compatible with a wide range of microphones. The microphone arm features a hassle-free C-clamp installation method, making it suitable for virtually any desk or workspace.


With adjustable depth ranging from 483 to 755 mm, adjustable height for the low-profile position ranging from 180 mm to 556 mm, and adjustable height with the riser extension ranging from 332 mm to 706 mm, this microphone arm offers unparalleled customization. The height range for the low-profile position spans from 0 to 556 mm, while the riser position offers a height range from 144 to 706 mm. 


With a weight capacity of 2 kg, you can confidently mount your microphone, pop filter, and shock mount without worry. The arm also includes convenient cable management.

The powder coating surface finish not only adds to its durability but also lends an elegant matte black and light grey finish that's sure to impress.

Full motion range

Low profile microphone arm with riser height extension adapter (included)

Compatible with 3/8”and 5/8” screw threads

Height range (low profile): 0 to 556 mm

 Height range (riser): 144 to 706 mm

Installation with C-clamp or grommet

Capacity 2 kg


Package contents:  Microphone arm, riser extension adapter and manual

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