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Gaming Keyboard with membrane switches, Nordic layout,Black/Orange

Gaming Keyboard with membrane switches, Nordic layout,Black/Orange

SKU: GAM-021


Experience immersive gaming with vibrant orange backlighting that can be customized for the perfect ambiance, while the ergonomic S-Shape layout ensures comfort during extended gaming sessions. Precision membrane switches with orange LEDs provide a backlit gaming feel, enhancing your competitive edge. The keyboard also features 25-key anti-ghosting, a lightning-fast 125Hz polling rate, durable brushed aluminum construction, and stability-enhancing rubber feet for intensive gaming sessions.


Immersive Backlighting: Dive into the world of gaming with vibrant orange backlighting that not only looks fantastic but also enhances your gaming experience. Customize the lighting to your preference, choosing between solid or breathing modes and adjusting the intensity for that perfect ambiance.


Ergonomic S-Shape Layout: This keyboard boasts an ergonomic S-shape layout that offers superior comfort and reduces strain, allowing you to focus on dominating your opponents.


Precision Membrane Switches: Beneath the stylish ABS keycaps, you'll find precision membrane switches with orange LEDs. Experience that backlit gaming feel with every keystroke.


Zero Ghosting, Lightning-Fast Response: This keyboard is equipped with 19-key anti-ghosting technology and a lightning-fast 125Hz polling rate. 


Durability Meets Style: Crafted with a brushed aluminum base, this keyboard is built to withstand intense gaming sessions, making it a true gaming companion.


Stability for Intensive Gaming: The keyboard's ABS plastic base features two stability-enhancing feet on the top corners. Whether you prefer a raised keyboard or a flat one, you'll enjoy exceptional stability thanks to the rubber feet beneath.


• Orange backlit keys and side panels, toggle between solid or breathing mode
• Ergonomic S-shape 
• Nordic Layout
• Floating keycap design
• Membrane switches
• 25 anti-ghosting keys
• 125Hz polling rate
• 1.8meter USB cable


Package contents: DELTACO GAMING Keyboard GAM-021

Dimensions(WxDxH): 435x135x20mm
Weight: 981g

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