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Gaming Keyboard with RGB backlight and metal frame

Gaming Keyboard with RGB backlight and metal frame

SKU: GAM-042

DELTACO GAMING presents a keyboard with static RGB lighting not only under the keys but also under the keyboard. The static illumination can be turned off using the Scroll Lock key.


With diaphragm breakers, you get keyboards with a slightly longer life than mechanical and you release the characteristic sounds of mechanical keyboard. The keyboard has a slightly lower layout than usual at the gaming keyboard, the height of the keys is also lower than the usual keys to get as low a profile as possible.


• 6 key anti-ghosting
• Polling rate: 250Hz
• Membrane switches
• Static RGB illumination under the keys and keyboard
• SCROLL LOCK key acts as on/off for lighting
• Galvanized metal frame
• Braided USB cable, 1.5m


Packaging Content: GAM-042 Keyboard.

Dimensions (WxDxH): 423x175x20mm
Weight: 850g

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