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DFP430 RGB Floorpad, 110x110cm, black

DFP430 RGB Floorpad, 110x110cm, black

SKU: GAM-138

The wheels on your gaming chair easily damage the floor, a good tip is to use a mat under the chair. If you are a big fan of RGB, you will love this floor mat. With 7 different single color modes and 3 RGB modes, you can light up your game station even more exactly the way you want it! Power is supplied via a USB-C cable to the control unit on the mat.


• RGB strip around the entire carpet

• 7 color modes

• 3 RGB modes

• Polyester surface
• Non-slip protection on the back
• Dimensions(WxDxH): 1100x1100x3mm


Package contents: DELTACO GAMING DFP430 floor mat, USB-A - USB-C cable.

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