DELTACO GAMING patch cables are for true gamers who demand the best, even when it comes to their network connection. Our network cables are of the utmost quality, they are even thinner for a simpler cable management on the back of your gaming rig. These Cat 6A patch cables also have metal springs around each RJ45 connector to relief the port that the cable is connected to.

With a bandwidth of 500MHz and transmission speeds of up to 10Gbps, this cable will match the speed of your router and what your ISP offers you to continue your lag-free gaming over the internet.


• Cat 6A
• 500MHz bandwidth
• Up to 10Gbps
• Outer diameter: 3.2mm ± 0.15mm
• 30AWG
• 5m cable length

DELTACO GAMING Patch Cable 5m, Cat 6A U / UTP, 500MHz, metal spring strain relie