Surely you get annoyed when the mouse cable is in the way or pulling the mouse while playing? You don't want to play with a wireless gaming mouse, so you've simply put out with it, until now.

With our GAM-044 Mouse Bungee you decide how much cable you want to have available, giving you the perfect length and freedom to move your mouse without the cable pulling it. The Bungee stands firmly on the desk thanks to its well-balanced construction. Another nice feature is that the arm at the top which holds the cable is also adjustable. All this in order for you to focus on your gaming, regardless of what eSport (FPS/MOBA/RTS) you are playing.


• Well-balanced construction
• Adjustable cable holder arm, can retract out 70mm max
• Determine how much cable should be available


Packaging content: GAM-044

Dimensions (WxDxH): 63x112x72mm
Weight: 268g

Mouse Bungee with adjustable spring arm