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4-in-1 Gaming Gear Kit

4-in-1 Gaming Gear Kit

SKU: GAM-023

Complete gaming starter kit from us at DELTACO GAMING. This kit has all the tools you need to start gaming with a Nordic layout gaming keyboard, USB gaming mouse, headset with 2x3.5mm and a stylish gaming mousepad.


The keyboard:
The keyboard comes in a Nordic layout with membrane switches. The "WASD" keys and the arrow keys are in red for extra clarity during gaming sessions. On the top you have 16 multimedia keys also in red. This gaming has 6-key anti-ghosting and an 1.35m long USB cable.

Dimensions(WxDxH): 445x67x23mm
Weight: 487g


The mouse:
The mouse is your standard gaming mouse with four DPI settings, 800/1200/1600/2400. The shape of the mouse is ambidextrous however, the left side hade forward/backwards button. The DELTACO GAMING logo shifts colours for a stylish look while playing. The left and right mouse button have a rubberized surface for extra control during sweaty intensive gaming sessions. The USB cable is 1.5m.

Dimensions(WxDxH): 72x125x40mm
Weight: 86g


The mousepad:
The mousepad is a cloth pad with the DELTACO GAMING fire background. The smooth surface will help your aim alongside with the gaming mouse from this kit. Underneath the mouse pad you have a completely rubberized surface to keep the mousepad in place during those intensive gaming sessions.

Dimensions(WxDxH): 300x260x2mm
Weight: 94g


The headset:
The included headset in this gaming gear kit is your standard headset with two 3.5mm audio plugs, one for the microphone and one for the audio. On the left side you find the boomstick microphone. The headphones have 40mm drivers for that crisp sound while gaming. The ear pads are made of synthetic leather for great comfort during many long gaming sessions.


• 40mm drivers
• 2x3.5mm
• 20Hz - 20kHz frequency response
• Sensitivity: 105dB ±3dB
• Impedance: 32
• Mic sensitivity: -58dB ± 2dB
• 1.8m cable


Dimensions(WxDxH): 170x190x75mm
Weight: 231g

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