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Controller for Nintendo Switch / PC / Android, Bluetooth 2.1, White

Controller for Nintendo Switch / PC / Android, Bluetooth 2.1, White

SKU: GAM-103-W

Gamepad control that you can use for your Nintendo Switch, PC or Android phone.


This controller gives you all the buttons you need, such as an R / ZR button, L / ZL button, Capture button for screenshots and video recordings. With two vibration motors, you will feel all the bangs your character gets to experience in the games. Bluetooth 2.1 with a range of up to 10 meters gives you the opportunity to sit at a comfortable distance from your console. To connect the controller to your PC, you need to connect it to the USB-A - USB-C cable.

With a D-pad and two high-precision 3D joysticks, you have full control over the movements of your car / hero for the ultimate gaming experience. Some are keyboard and mouse, some are gamepad, what are you?


• Compatible with several devices
• High vibration feedback

• High-precision 3D joystick

• Turbo Button


• 2xVibration motors

• Connectivity: Bluetooth 2.1

• Charging cable: USB-A - USB-C (1m)

• Special buttons: Select / Start / Capture / Home / Turbo

• Battery: 600mAh

• Compatibility: Nintendo Switch, Android, Win 7/8/10

• Package contents: GAM-103, 1m USB-A - USB-C cable and manual


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