Take your gaming to the next level with this backlit anti-ghosting gaming keyboard from DELTACO GAMING. On this keyboard we have incorporated our GAMING orange colour on the sides and also with backlight underneath each key. The lighting can be changed between solid or breathing mode, and you can also toggle the intensity of the backlight.


This gaming keyboard had an ergonomic s-shape layout, it utilizes a floating keycap design. Underneath the ABS keycaps you will find membrane switches with an orange LED for that backlit gaming feel to the keyboard. To make this gaming keyboard truly fit a hardcore gamer it has been given a 19 key anti-ghosting and a polling rate of 125Hz so that you won't be that crucial millisecond to late with that spell/frag you need to win the game.


The base of this keyboard is made of brushed aluminum for durability and to truly stand out as a true gaming keyboard. Underneath the keyboard you find a base of durable ABS plastic, there are two feet on both top corners for those who wants a raised keyboard, both feet have rubber underneath for true stability under intensive gaming sessions.


• Orange backlit keys and side panels, toggle between solid or breathing mode
• Ergonomic S-shape 
• UK Layout
• Floating keycap design
• Membrane switches
• 25 key anti-ghosting
• 125Hz polling rate
• 1.8meter USB cable


Package contents: DELTACO GAMING Keyboard GAM-021

Dimensions(WxDxH): 435x135x20mm
Weight: 981g

Gaming Keyboard with membrane switches, UK layout