This enhancement kit for mechanical keyboards from DELTACO Gaming is the complete kit for the dedicated gamer that wants a thoroughly clean gaming keyboard. The included microfiber cloth has a complete nordic keyboard layout printed on it so that you can align the keys in the specific order it should be placed back on to the keyboard.

The keys are easily removed from the keyboard via the keycap puller so you won't cause any harm to the switches. With the brush cleaning the keyboard is done with ease. Also included in the enhancement kit is 120pcs of silicone o-rings, these will dampen the sounds made from the mechanical keyboard without affecting the feel of the mechanical switches!

The kit consists of:
  • Keycap puller in plastic
  • Brush in pastic
  • Microfiber cloth with a nordic keyboard layout printed on it
  • 120pcs o-rings in silicone


Enhancement kit for mechanical keyboards